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Solo Travel Coaching Session (🇬🇧)

Your new life starts now!

Service Description

In this focused coaching session, we'll dive into the essentials of solo travel. You'll learn how to plan your journey, from budgeting to choosing your destinations. We'll cover key aspects like meeting new people, staying safe, and managing travel anxieties. And it is 100% tailored to YOUR needs! Perfect for first-timers or those seeking to enrich their solo adventures. Let's make your solo travel dream a reality!

Starter Pack: 1 Session



In 1 session, you will have answers to your doubts and questions you may have before a trip.

Valid for 6 months

Essential Pack: 3 sessions (save 10%)



Get started on your solo travel journey with specific exercises and book your first solo trip !

Valid for one year

Best Value

Ultimate Pack: 6 Sessions (save 15%)



Get all the keys to travel solo + complete support before, during and after your first travel.

Valid for 12 months

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