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Solo Travel is scary, but...

I can help you take the leap!

For once... Do what YOU WANT!

Putting your desires aside for others, or waiting for friends to travel?


1. Stop waiting on others; do what you want.

2. Your voice is important!

Trusting your instincts is key. Let’s find out who you are when you truly embrace being yourself.

Be Prepared...

Traveling can be OVERWHELMING with culture shock, admin tasks, safety concerns, and emotional swings...


But, like anything, practice makes perfect. Starting your solo journey? I'm here to help!


I'll share all my experiences, mistakes, and tips. Ready to dive in?

Solo doesn't mean Alone!

Solo Travel means doing what YOU want, whenever YOU want, offering self and world discovery like never before!

No need to be solo on a mountain with alpacas (unless that's your thing).

Meeting like-minded people is one of the best parts! Struggling to approach people and make friends as an adult? Let’s master it together!

Solo Travel Programs __________

woman walking on a path in a South African natural reserve

You want to see
the world
without quitting
your job...

This is for you if...

  • You’ve never done Solo Travel before and feel like there is NO WAY you can do this

  • You don’t feel like quitting everything but want to discover the world

  • You keep postponing travel because you never found the time, finances or someone to go with

Why can I help you?

From backpacking and road trips to surf camps and volunteering, whether it's short-term or long-term travel, I've experienced many styles of travel and immersed myself in various cultures across all four continents. All that while working an office job in parallel!

I know about the planning, stress management, and skills you need to get started.

Solo Travel doesn’t have to be difficult or long to shape you, it’s the act itself and the empowerment you feel that change your life.

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