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Hi, I'm Pauline!

Solo Traveling the World since 2018

From growing up by the beaches of Northern France to crafting a life across the globe, my journey has been anything but ordinary. I'm Pauline, and my story is one of transformation, from a small-town girl with a love for movement to a globe-trotting adventurer, travel content creator and yoga teacher.

So, are you coming?

young traveller woman with her yoga teacher certification in the rice fields of Bali

My Journey

2014, Paris

At 16, moving to Paris for business school was a game-changer. It taught me that opportunities aren't just for others - they are for anyone willing to believe and work for them.

2019, USA

My next stop was North America, where I continued my master's studies (MBA) in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I was eager to explore the less-traveled areas of the USA and experience the authentic local life.

2021, Paris

The outbreak of COVID-19 led to an unexpected return to Paris, where I embarked on a new chapter as a digital transformation consultant. I improved my skills in everything digital, from tech integration to web design, video production, business strategies, AI and marketing automation. Being able to work from anywhere, I gradually fell in love with the digital nomad life. Even though I enjoyed my job and the people I worked with even more, I always wanted to start my own entrepeneurial venture.

2018, Chile

My thirst for learning and discovery led me to Chile for a study abroad program. No knowledge of Spanish? I embraced the challenge, spending my first month living in a local family and taking language classes. By immersing myself in a new culture, I discovered a love for travel that reshaped my life.

2020, Amsterdam

Joining Nike EHQ was a dream come true. 'Just Do It' wasn't just a slogan; it was a lifestyle. I was surrounded by colleagues from all around the world, all motivated and focused on achieving their goals and supporting each other. This encouraged me to adopt a similar athlete mindset: always aiming high, staying honest, and helping others along the way

2023, Bali

After being promoted in my job, I decided to leave the 9-5 and take a 1-way ticket to a life that resonated more with my core values and passions. That began with a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in Ubud, Bali. This wasn't just about deepening my physical practice ; it was about learning to help others and embodying the principles of mindfulness, flexibility, and strength in every aspect of life.

The Vision

Born in 2023, Move With Pauline...

... started as an Instagram journey focused on Solo Travel and Yoga. It has since evolved into a multi-channel platform with one goal: inspire people to chase their dreams, unburdened by others' opinions. To me, solo travel isn’t just about the destinations; it’s a transformative journey towards self-confidence and bold adventures.

Movement is life. It encompasses everything – travel, emotions, sports, music, and the connections we make with people. It's about progressing towards your aspirations and discovering what truly motivates you. Through 'Move With Pauline,' I aim to demonstrate that we are all continuously evolving, and that's perfectly alright.

Embracing Solo Travel and Content Creation has been a liberating experience for me. It empowered me to shed the limiting beliefs imposed by my surroundings, allowing me to shape my identity freely. This journey has been about confronting my anxieties head-on, not letting them define my life, all while exploring some of the most amazing places on Earth.

Underwater photo of a woman snorkelling in Gili Islands, showcasing a life of freedom and

Let's work together

As a full-time content creator, travel consultant and yoga teacher, my mission is to promote the benefit of movement in all its shapes. Whether it is through creating aesthetic travel content or teaching yoga around the world, I got you!


Are you ready to create and share meaningful experiences ? Let's collaborate and turn aspirations into realities.

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